Candle Runner

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Welcome to the exciting world of Candle Runner game! This game is an exciting process that will definitely make you keep you in suspense. You will have to control a candle and collect its parts to keep it from going out.
The visual style of the game is done in a unique graphic atmosphere that immerses you in the world of candles and mysteries. Colorful and bright levels, detailed animations and exciting music backing create an atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent.
Candle Runner game is suitable for all ages and game levels. Simple and intuitive controls allow you to start playing without a long learning curve, but only the most skillful players will be able to achieve high scores and become true masters of the candle runner.
Control your candle, collect parts and defeat all obstacles to keep it burning brightly. Prepare for exciting challenges and become the best candle runner in the world of this addictive game.

Don't let the candle melt and go out, pick up new components to increase the candle and last as long as possible. Compete with your friends and become the best in this game.
Control with mouse on pc or finger on mobile devices.



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