Call Of Dungeon Devil's Quest

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An ordinary miner got into a devil's den because he wanted to become wealthy. He can get out of this trap only if he collects all the artifacts for Mephistopheles. You can help him by completing all the quests created by the magic cube. The main hero's life entirely depends on you!
The Game’s Backstory
Another shift was coming to an end for an ordinary miner named Christopher when suddenly he caught a faint glare of a metal plate sticking out of the ore. He threw his discovery in a backpack without hesitation and went home to carefully examine it in the comfort of his house.
The gold plate had been cleaned and furiously glistened. Intoxicated with success, Christopher began to study the inscriptions and drawings imprinted on the precious piece.
In the drawings, the veteran miner easily discerned the schemes of the local caves.
It's seven o'clock in the morning, his day off. Christopher's already at the cave's entrance, wondering why he hasn't noticed it before.

You have to collect all the artifacts. To do this, you must pass the quests, at the end of each is an artifact. The first quest is endless, it needs to collect gold. For the gold you need to buy equipment, it will simplify the quests.
What to expect in the game:
- Various dungeons
- Exciting and complex challenges
- Lots of items and equipment to make the character stronger
- Daily rewards
- Unique atmosphere with pleasant graphics and original soundtrack
- Many sweet and helpful pets



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