Brawl Starts store

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You have to improve your store with goods from the game Brawl Starts. Buy new sellers and buy goods on store shelves.

Compete in the number of gems on the leaderboard.

You are waiting for such heroes as: Edgar, Bee, Frank, Furs, Barley and more.

By buying new heroes, you will receive more coins and increase the chance of gems.

This is an economic game and you will have to decide when to buy an upgrade and when to save up.

When the entire store is upgraded, you will receive a lot of gems and start your journey anew. Gems will be preserved.

The goal of the game is to improve the entire store and earn more gems to take the lead on the leaderboard.

You will receive the first coins by clicking on the gold coin. After that, you can buy a character that gives more coins per click. And do not forget to improve the store shelves, they make a profit every second.



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