Bounce and Collect

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Bounce And Collect is a game about tipping cups of balls going through a variety of obstacles. By experiencing this game you can enhance your control of speed, testing your abilities in using both hands and eyes.

Your mission is to collect balls by increasing the number exponentially using bonus areas with multiplication factors.

Can you make it?

Swipe to pour the balls! Your objective is to drop balls in the right place to collect the maximum and unlock the next challenge.

- Win: The player collects enough balls to fill the cup and unlock the next level
- Loss: The player does not collect enough balls to fill the cup

You will face areas where the ball is doubled or tripled. When your ball passes through any cell, it will automatically increase a certain amount, and you must collect all of them.

To complete a level and unlock the next level, it is mandatory in the last point that you have enough balls in the cup that the requirements have given.

In addition to areas that will double or even quadruple your ball, there will also be areas that significantly reduce the number of balls. You will be at a slight disadvantage if you accidentally let your balls pass through those areas because you will not have enough balls by the last cup.



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