Boops: Pop balloons

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Rogues are invading our kingdom, these Bubs are threatening to consume the love and happiness of the whole world. Our task is to burst these bubbles, for this we will collect "three in a row" balls of the same color. Aim and launch your balloon into a wave of bubbles and burst!

Break rating records and collect unique items. The game is considered completed as soon as you collect all the items from the collection. A fun and addictive puzzle game to pass the time!

Launch your balloon into the bubbles from above to pop them. The mechanics is similar to "three in a row", bubbles can pop if there are more than 2 of them nearby. Each new wave of descending bubbles brings failure closer, as soon as the bubbles touch the bottom of the playing field, a defeat will be counted, so pop them wisely! Sometimes there are special balls, if they burst, then you will collect a unique item in the collection.



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