Blogger Prank Master

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A game about pranks and challenges. The main character masterfully sets traps for friend to raffle him. Blogger takes all this on video and puts it online.

Take off the pranks
Become a real master of pranks. Set clever traps for your friend, shoot how he gets into them. After all, do you want to become a star Blogger ? Wear cool branded clothes? Equip a cool studio? It all depends on you.

Launch challenges and shoot cosplay.
Arrange not only pranks, try on costumes of cool heroes, dress up pets in cute outfits. Make crazy challenges, whether it's jumping off a mountain or launching a rocket!

Don't miss the opportunity to become a Master of pranks and a star blogger.
Find out a bunch of funny jokes and pranks. Organize dozens of crazy challenges. Try on a huge wardrobe of cool costumes. Shoot cool videos.

Don't waste your time, play for free now.

Raffle masterfully perform pranks, collect likes and an army of subscribers, buy improvements for the studio with these likes, and cool clothes to look like a real Blogger star. Conquer the Internet, become the most famous prankster, surprise your friends with cool outfits, drive them crazy with crazy tricks, all this is waiting for you in the best Blogging game!

PC control: right-click to make a choice.
On mobile devices: by tapping on the screen.

Task: collect all the necessary items for the prank, use the hint by clicking on the # on the screen.
Collecting items that are not necessary for a prank, likes (rating) are lost.
There is a game currency for which you can buy hero hairstyles, costumes. You can earn it by completing tasks, as a reward for viewing ads, or buy it for Jan.



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