Block n Roll

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Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and incredible puzzles. Use your reflexes and logical thinking to achieve high scores and become a Block n Roll master!

Block n Roll offers various game modes, including the classic mode where your goal is to complete exciting levels, and free mode where you can relax and enjoy the gameplay. Delightful music and visual effects immerse you in the game's atmosphere, while the simple and intuitive gameplay makes Block N Roll accessible to all ages and skill levels.

Enjoy engaging Block n Roll gaming sessions where you can compete with friends, strive to set new records, and develop your reaction and strategy skills. Are you ready to accept the challenge and become a true Block n Roll master?

In Block n Roll, your task is to control a platform on which multicolored blocks fall. You need to carefully place these blocks on the field, creating vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines of the same color and forms. When you create a line, it disappears, making room for new blocks. But be careful, the game's speed and elements diversity gradually increase, and you'll have to make quick decisions!

You Can catch up to 5 blocks per player platform.
You can drop up to 5 blocks vertically.

PC control:
Left and Right keys to control the platform.
Down key to reset the block.
Left, Right, Down, Up keys to select the area of ​​effect of the booster.
Spacebar to activate the booster.

Mobile control:
Left and Right buttons to control the platform.
Action button to drop the block.
Left, Right, Down, Up buttons to select the scope of the booster.
Action button to activate the booster.



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