Block Master: click & run!

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Block Master is unique by combining clicker and runner. The game has 2 stages, pass them and get blocks to pump!

The gameplay is simple: in the first stage, the player has to click on the building to collect the required number of blocks for a set time, beware of the STOP-sign;

The second stage is to pass the level in 3d ranger, using blocks in place of chasms and beware of obstacles.

The goal of the game is to collect all the rare blocks, pass all levels, pump the background, character and click power to the MAXIMUM, and get into the top ranking!

The first stage is a clicker. Click around the house to get blocks. Don't click when you see the STOP sign, or you'll lose one life!

In the second stage - the runner - you have to jump over obstacles and fill the cliffs with blocks, passing over them.



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