Billiards for two. For amateurs.

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You can play together or alone (alternately for each of the players).
1. The first player at the beginning of the game must break a pyramid of 15 balls. In case of a miss, the attempt must be repeated.
2. A ball that falls into a pocket is counted if it collided with another ball or with the side of the table before that (a collision with the wall of the pocket does not count). If the ball rolled into the pocket directly after the blow, a point is counted to your opponent and a move is transferred to him.
3. If no balls hit the pocket after the strike, the opponent's move is transferred.
4. If the ball flew out of the table, the point is counted to the opponent, and the move is transferred to him.
5. The winner is the one who scored 8 points first.
Note: Until all the balls have stopped, there will be an hourglass on the screen. At this time, the blow cannot be made. You can find out whose turn it is now by the flashing player panel.

Before hitting, adjust its strength at the top of the screen. The larger the red stripe, the stronger the impact.
Use the keys Q,W,E,A,S,D to adjust the camera view. Hover the mouse pointer over the desired ball. Press and hold the left mouse button. An arrow will appear. By moving the mouse, select the desired direction. Release the left mouse button to strike.
On a mobile device: Use the buttons on the screen to adjust the camera. Tap the selected ball with your finger, and by moving your finger along the button-free part of the screen, select the direction. Remove your finger from the screen to strike.



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