Barbie Paper Doll's

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Have you been dreaming of making your own paper doll for a long time? Choose a beautiful hairstyle, clothes, stylish accessories for her? Then the game - «Barbie Paper Doll's» is exactly for you!

This game has:
1. A large selection of popular hairstyles: Wednesday, Enid, Barbie, Toca Boca and others.
2. Beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories.
3. A lot of familiar characters.
4. Unique combinations. Mix the images together.

This game is perfect for you! It is not only interesting, but also perfectly develops analytical thinking, creativity, imagination.

Choose hairstyles, clothes, accessories. And when everything is ready, click on the check mark and see how magically your character looks to the music.

Touch the screen or use the left mouse button to interact with the elements in this game.



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