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This game belongs to the object sorting by color genre. You need to distribute the balls in such a way that each flask contains balls of only one color. Unlike most games of this genre, you independently choose the number and height of the flasks, the number of available colors, as well as the game mode. In addition to the classic mode, there are modes with hidden balls, where the balls in the flasks are shaded if their color differs from the color of the top ball, and the "colored flasks" mode, where you need to collect balls in flasks of a specific color.

Select the number of flasks and other parameters. The more flasks and balls in them, and the fewer empty flasks, the longer and more challenging the game will be.

To move a ball, click on the flask it's in and then click on the flask where you want to move it. Movement is only possible if the target flask is empty, or if there's a ball of the same color on top, and there's available space.

For instant movement of several balls at once without animation, use a double click on the target flask.



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