Balls 2048: Puzzle

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Balls 2048: Puzzle is a game about connecting balls with lots of challenges on levels.

Welcome to the unique world of bursting balls in the genre of "2048"!
Combine the balls and win! Pick up your balls by number and color, solving puzzles on the go.

New challenges, challenges and obstacles are waiting for you at each level.This game in the genre of "2048" is more interesting than any that you have ever played so far!

Features of the game:
✔️ Complete the goals.
✔️ Combine balls to remove obstacles.
✔️ Use dynamite, stars to complete the level.

A mix of a classic game and an original format. A unique adventure in the genre of "2048"! Throw, connect, and blow up the balls on the way to victory!

Swipe your finger/mouse cursor right and left on the screen to aim!
Shoot and hit the ball with the same color and number!
Connect all the balls to reach the goal!
Smash barrels and boxes - just like in real life!



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