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A baguette is a "thin long loaf of French bread" that is usually made from a simple lean dough. It is distinguished by its length and crispy crust. The baguette is made from wheat flour, water, yeast and table salt. Contains no additives, but may contain bean flour, soy flour, wheat malt flour. Baguettes, relatively short for one serving or cut from a longer loaf, are very often used for sandwiches. Baguettes are often sliced and served with pate or cheese. As part of a traditional continental breakfast in France, slices of baguette are spread with butter and jam and dipped in cups of coffee or hot chocolate. In the United States, French loaves of bread are sometimes divided in half to make French pizza. Baguettes are closely associated with France and especially with Paris, although they are produced all over the world. Learn how to make a baguette by following this simple recipe.




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