Backstage "Rainbow Friends Escape"

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You will find yourself in an endless maze of randomly generated utility rooms. One theory says that it is impossible to get out of the back rooms, and it's up to you to find out. Try to blink less often, because monsters live somewhere in these walls. This terrifying adventure will make your heart beat faster, like cries of disturbing loneliness of the walls and the frightening rattle of an object of unknown origin.
Behind the scenes are terrible corridors covered with a yellow old wet carpet, the walls in it are pasted over with yellow wallpaper, and on the ceiling there are square fluorescent lamps. God forbid you hear that something is wandering around, because the monster probably knows about you.

PC control:
WASD - Walking.
Mouse - Inspection.
Mouse click - Pick up items.
Phone control:
Left Stick - Walk.
Swipe on the screen - Inspection.
The game has the ability to remap the keys for the PC.



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