Baby Spoon

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This is a colourful educational game simulator of all things related to feeding and eating.
The game is similar to the learning games for toddlers, but is unique:
- In it, babies are greeted by auxiliary characters that they can teach themselves to eat.
- Many dishes to choose from. And dessert!
- different locations: you can eat at home or outdoors, surrounded by cute birds.
- it is fun to eat and fun to play! You can play ball in the game!
- For those who have finished everything, they can watch a cartoon at the bottom of the plate.
- Your child can put on cute animal masks. There's a bunny, a tiger cub and a panda.

"Start playing" - click on the start icon
"Select baby - click on the baby.
"Exit menu" - click on the X button.
"Exit game - click on the cross symbol.
"To feed the baby, click on the food or drink and drag it over to the baby.
"use tissue - click on the tissue and drag the tissue to the face
"play ball - click on the ball button and drag the ball across the screen.
"Change location to forest - click on the forest button.
"put the child in the mask - click on the button with the mask.
"Connect the child to the wall using the Speakers button.
interact with the "animals" - click the animal image (mouse, rabbit, bear, birds).
"Feed the baby" - click on the image of a spoon and drag it to a plate and then to the baby.



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