Assemble and Drive: Road Monsters

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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of auto racing and assemble your own road monster in the game "Assemble and Drive: Road Monsters"!

Collect dozens of different parts from bodies and chassis to powerful engines and massive wheels, and combine them together to create a stronger monster on wheels.

Once your car is ready, go to the exciting race tracks to test it in action. Compete with other players, overcome obstacles, perform stunts and win exciting races on a variety of bright and diverse tracks.

"Assemble and Drive: Road Monsters" offers you not only unsurpassed customization of cars, but also unforgettable races that will test your driving skills and bring you a lot of fun. Are you ready to become a legend of road monsters? Collect, customize and win in this exciting racing game!

The goal of the game is to reach the finish line.
Complete all the levels and become a champion!

For the computer:
Press the Space bar or LMB - Hold to accelerate the car and release to brake.

For a smartphone:
Nitro button - Hold to accelerate the car and release to brake.

Connect parts and buy new ones to assemble a stronger Monster Truck



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