Arkanoid classic

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The game is similar to the retro Arkanoid game.
The task of the game is very simple: using the platform to hit the ball by removing bricks. Some of the knocked down bricks drop unique bonuses that will help you complete the level and score more points.
The game has a score saving and a High Score table, which will allow you to compete with other players.

Launch the ball (Space bar on the keyboard, touch the ball on the screen of a mobile device). Control a small platform that can be moved horizontally (left and right arrows on the keyboard, touching the left and right sides of the screen of a mobile device) from one wall to another, substituting it under the ball, preventing it from falling down. The impact of the ball on the brick leads to the destruction of the brick. After all the bricks at this level are destroyed, the transition to the next level takes place, with a new set of bricks. Certain bricks need to be hit several times, hitting some bricks leads to capsules-prizes falling out of them — the prize is activated if you catch such a capsule with a racket.



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