Anime Girls Clicker

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Get ready to click your way through an epic adventure in our anime clicker game!

With 25 beautiful anime girls and stunning backgrounds to unlock, this game is perfect for anime fans of all ages.
Level up your characters, collect rare items, and battle fierce enemies in a quest to become the ultimate anime hero.
Each girl comes with her unique set of skills and abilities, making every playthrough a unique experience.
The beautiful anime-style backgrounds transport you to magical realms filled with wonder and danger.

So what are you waiting for?
Start clicking and embark on an unforgettable anime adventure today!

To get sympathy, you have to click on a character. You can spend them on:
- Click Improvement - Your click now gets you more likes!
- Auto Click Improvement - Every second you'll get more likes!
- Unlock New Characters - Unlock new characters and keep getting better. Unlock all 25 characters!
For viewing ads, you can include double the likes you get for each click or double the auto-click rate for one minute.



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