Animals in the Maze

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In our game we will give you a chance to show your dexterity. Collect dostochki and go through the mazes of the game.

Calculate everything so that you have enough money for the whole path of the maze. Go through all the ways of the maze game and win.

At the end of the path of the maze, you will find a path on which diamonds are located and you will be able to collect them as much as possible.


This is the most interesting and exciting when you need to go through the maze of the game.

If you want, you can play a cow, or a bunny, a lion, an elephant, or a monkey - you can choose!

The gameplay will not make you bored and you will fully immerse yourself in the game.

Do you need to collect as many panel blocks as possible? to accurately complete all the circles of the maze.

You can control the main character using the touchpad.

Collect all the panel blocks so that the character can move through the maze where there is no floor.

Diamonds are waiting for you at the end of the way, collect as many of them as possible to unlock a new character as soon as possible.

P.s. choose any character from the store section.



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