Alien spaceship

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You are on an infected ship in distress. Due to an unknown infection, the crew of the spaceship turned into a zombie and the situation was completely out of control.
Strange alien mutants that have invaded the ship pose a great danger and threat of the spread of infection.
A capsule has been sent to your aid. In order to escape, you need to enter the sector with the control panel and start the self-destruction of the ship and have time to get into the escape capsule.
During the game you will move through a randomly generated labyrinth, fight with zombies, mutants, look for ammunition, weapons and items needed to complete the game. Each new game will be different from the previous one thanks to the built-in map generator.

Standard controls for shooters tied to WASD.
1. To pick up an item, move the center of the screen to the item and press - E
2. Open inventory - I
3. Throw item out of hand - F
4. Throw away an item from inventory - click the cross next to the item
5. Throw Grenade - Middle Mouse Button
6. Sit down - C
7. Map - M



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