Air runaway

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This is a fun and addictive game where you have to escape from the evil interceptor planes that want to catch and shoot you down. You control a small but brave airplane that can move left and right using the W and D keys or the arrow keys on your keyboard. In addition, you can drop bombs on enemies chasing you using the space bar.

But be careful: bombs are limited. Therefore, you need to let the enemy get as close to you as possible, and then press the space bar to detonate the bomb.

The longer you last, the more points you earn. But do not forget that opponents become faster and more cunning with each level. Can you survive this air escape?

Purpose of the game:
- run away from interceptor aircraft so that they do not catch up with you

- W key or left arrow key - aircraft movement to the left
- D key or right arrow key - aircraft movement to the right
- SPACE key - bomb drop

Game Features:
- let the bugger get as close as possible and then detonate the bomb to destroy it
- make sharp maneuvers to confuse the enemy



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