4 Games For 2 Player

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You can compete with your friend in the first game. To win, you must touch the obstacles last. Remember, you must survive. The top scorer in the second game wins, remember you have to beat your friend. score and win. In the third game, you have to be very careful to survive the tank battle and take the right shot at the right time. blow up your friend and win. In the fourth, take the best shot and beat your friend.

*In the first game, press the "w" key and the "Space" key to jump. so you can jump over obstacles.
*Use "WASD" and "Arrow Keys" to move and jump in the second game. so you can score.
*In the third game, use the "WASD" AND "Arrow Keys" keys to drive the tanks. Press "Q" and "Space" to shoot.
*Press "W" and "Space" to shoot in the fourth game.
*Mobile Touch Control Available



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