2048 Mobs

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2048 Mobs is a unique version of the classic 2048 game that uses mobs instead of regular numbers.
Combine them to unlock new and more powerful ones as you strive to conquer the leaderboard. This addictive game is perfect for both mob fans and puzzle lovers.
Are you ready to master the world of blocks in 2048 Mobs?

1. Use the keyboard buttons (arrows or WASD buttons) or swipe to move objects on the playing field.
2. When two mobs of the same type touch, they merge and form a new mob with double the value.
3. Your goal is to create a mob with a value of 2048. Once you reach this, you win the game, but you can continue the game to conquer the leaderboard!
4. If there are no moves available and it is no longer possible to merge mobs, the game ends.
5. After each move, a new mob is randomly added to the playing field: "Steve" (value 2).
6. Pay attention to the value of the mobs and plan your moves strategically to create bigger mobs efficiently.
7. Track your best score and try to beat it every time you play.



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