12 First Dates

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Make the first step and meet the girl of your dreams!

"12 First Dates" is a game where you can meet girls, go through all stages of a relationship from the first meeting to the date. Relaxing gameplay and a well-written story awaits you.

All meetings are not random, whether it's a neighbor in the entrance or a colleague at work - something brought you together. As you go through different stages of a relationship, you'll unlock new stories and learn more about a particular girl.

Every girl has her own interests and goals, so study them carefully so you don't screw up the present!

• Click on a girl to improve your relationship with her!
• Improve the value of a click or autoclick on the improvement panel!
• Read the story and pay attention to the girl's interests, this will help in choosing a gift for her.
• Switch between girls at any time to gain experience and collect rewards elsewhere.
• Go through all stages of a relationship and choose where to go on a date!



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