1024: Flower Hill

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1024: Flower Hill is a simple puzzle game similar to the world-famous game "2048", but made in a floral style.

Imagine yourself being as a plant breeder who grows and crosses flowers. Crossing rule is very simple - only the same types of flowers can be crossed.
Move the flowers on the hill and connect it to get a new type of flower. But be extremely careful, because there may be no place left on the hill.

Due to the level of difficulty, both beginners and experienced breeders can try to grow flowers.

W, A, S, D or arrows - move the flowers on the hill.

The game has three difficulty levels:
• Easy
• Normal
• Hard

By choosing the difficulty level, you determine the target flower that you need to get by crossing already grown flowers.
The level is considered won when the player reaches the selected flower-goal. If there is no place left on the hill, then the level ends with a loss.



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